04:06:16 (automated message) Thanks for contacting Nightline. We're here to listen. A volunteer will be with you soon...

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04:06:53 You are no longer in a queue, Operator Exeter Nightline joined the chat
04:07:16 Exeter Nightline: Hello, you're through to Exeter Student Nightline.
04:07:39 Exeter Nightline: Is there anything you would like to talk about?
04:13:08 Exeter Nightline: Take your time, Nightline is here to listen between 8pm and 8am every night during term time.
04:26:55 Exeter Nightline: We've been available now for 20 minutes and I'm afraid I'm going to have to re-open our other sources of communication to make the line available for other callers. You're welcome to text back later if you're able to, or contact us via another communication method if that's easier.
05:51:11 Operator Exeter Nightline left the chat